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SENSOR+TEST 2016, May 10-12 - N├╝rnberg, Germany
CPEM 2016, Ottawa, Canada - July 10-15

Metrology for a Competitive Advantage

Metrology impacts the entire product life cycle (PLC). From R&D to product shipment, metrology systems and their data are used to: establish product specifications, determine if the results of a specific measurement conform to stated specifications and customer requirements, monitor environmental, safety and health parameters, report results in external publications, inspect products and services, establish data used for marketing purposes, verify and validate processes and products. Continue reading »


Manual/Automated Decade Resistance Using Microcontroller Technique

An ordinary decade resistance is made of ten resistive elements for obtaining ten resistance values with a constant step. A resistance box is composed of more than one decade. Continue reading »


Uncertainty Considerations for Gas Flow Rate Reference Measurement Systems

Gas flow rate measurement devices are usually calibrated in secondary flow laboratories and the lower level measurement standards are conducted to the traceability chain by the primary or national measurement standards which are established and maintained at the national metrology institutes of that country. Continue reading »