ON TIME SUPPORT METEX2 & Email Notification – New Version Releases

On Time Support, Inc., based in Spring, Texas, has released new versions of Metrology Xplorer 2 (METEX2 version 250+) and their popular Email Notification product (version 250+).

METEX2 is a browser product compatible with the Fluke® Calibration’s MET/TRACK® product. METEX2 allows complete browser operation of MET/TRACK® without the installation process, including Crystal Reports.   Managers and users can always have access to the MET/TRACK® database.  METEX2 also performs very well over WAN installations.  Based on On Time Support’s METDaemon technology, METEX2 provides the customer with the ultimate in browser technology.  On Time Support has been a providing browser product for MET/TRACK® since 1999.  Demonstration packages are available.

Email Notification allows users to schedule automatic email deliveries of various metrology activities to customers or other personnel. Based on On Time Support’s METDaemon technology, administration is performed via a browser with no client installation.  New Dynamic Email options and delivery confirmations provide the busy manager with multiple options when sending automated emails.  When combined with the new METDaemon Responder, customers can respond back directly to the database. 

More information on METEX2 & Email Notification is available at www.ontimesupport.com. Contact On Time Support at inquiries@ontimesupport.com or call 281-296-6066.


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