Free Barrier Calculation Software

NEW FREE BARRIER INSERTION LOSS NOISE PREDICTION SOFTWARE from Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development

Scantek, Inc., is pleased to announce that one of our suppliers, Olive Tree Labs, is offering free barrier calculation software for a voluntary and strictly optional donation of any amount to the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund .

Environmental Noise Control—Olive Tree Labs software “Barrier Calculator” is being offered free to all users and encourages a voluntary donation to the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund, established by the Acoustical Society of America (ASA.)  Acoustical Society Foundation Fund has enabled the ASA to provide a wide variety of scholarships, grants, fellowships, and other assistance to help hundreds of acousticians in the pursuit of their research and thereby advancing the field of acoustics.

To obtain the software or to make a voluntary contribution to ASA, or to do both, click on

All Donations are directly sent to the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund through PayPal.

A note about the Olive Tree Lab – Barrier Calculator: a tool used for calculating the effects of infinite thin barriers from a source to a receiver. The application uses the Hadden – Pierce (Salomons) diffraction model to calculate the Insertion Loss and Barrier Excess Attenuation for a barrier. The calculations are done from 1Hz to 10,000Hz with a step of 10Hz. The results are displayed in a high resolution graph as well as in 1/1 Octave and 1/3 Octave averaged graphs. The calculation takes into consideration the Flow Resistivity of the barrier and the ground by calculating the Spherical Wave Reflection Coefficient and can therefore be used to calculate the effects of using absorptive barriers or different ground types.

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