Mark Daniel Alters – Electronic/Repair Technician

Mark Daniel Alters
279 Main Street Extension
Callery, PA. 16024
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Seeking to obtain a position as an electronic/repair technician utilizing my acquired skills and background.


Lowry Air Force Base / Denver, CO
Precision Measurement Equipment Specialist APR 1992-DEC 1992
Naval Air Station Atsugi / Atsugi Japan
Miniature Electronics Repair NOV1993-DEC 1993


  • Tested, troubleshot, and repaired hundreds of electrical/electronic items down to component level utilizing schematics, diagrams, theory of operation, and other technical data.
  • Served as supervisor, assigned work, trained subordinates, and utilized an eight man team to meet production goals.
  • Utilized mechanical, optical, and electrical standards to determine accuracy of measurement.
  • Coordinated and managed electrostatic discharge program.
  • Performed soldering and desoldering techniques on hundreds of active, passive, solid state, and discreet electrical and electronic components.
  • Calibrated a broad range of aviation precision measurement equipment, torque/pressure and physical/dimensional equipment, microwave/rf, and various other complex electrical equipment.
  • Prepared for and performed flawlessly for multiple ISO-9001 and ISO-17025 audits.
  • Maintained calibration records for three separate companies at their locations with no supervision.


United States Marine Corps

Marine Corps Air Station, Iwakuni, Japan
Calibration/Repair Technician JAN 1993-DEC 1994

Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, NC
Night crew Supervisor/Calibration/Repair Technician DEC 1994-OCT 1997
Honorably discharged OCT 1997


Calibration/Repair Technician OCT 1997-SEPT 1998


Onsite Calibration/Repair Technician SEPT 1998-PRESENT