Measurement Uncertainty Software from H-P Enterprise

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s, Houston Metrology Group is pleased to provide FREEWARE programs developed for use in their corporate metrology lab: Uncertainty Calculator, Tolerance Calculator and Mismatch Calculator. These packages may be downloaded as .zip files. These programs are provided as a service to the Metrology community at no cost.

Uncertainty Calculator 3.2

Uncertainty Calculator 3.2, a Windows 2000 application, is a ‘FREEWARE’ software program developed to address uncertainties for commonly made measurements in a simple, straightforward manner; congruent with the basic guidelines contained within measurement uncertainty publications such as ISO ‘Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement ‘, 1993, NIST Technical Note 1297, etc.

Download UncCal3-2 (.zip)

Tolerance Calculator 4.0

Tolerance Calculator is a FREEWARE program designed to perform calculations associated with the interpretation of equipment tolerances and other metrological functions such as test uncertainty ratios (TUR), accumulated uncertainties, consumers and producers risk, etc. Tolerance Calculator is intended to provide users with a ‘bottom line’ method for evaluating equipment specifications using the same nomenclature equipment manufacturers use when advertising their equipment capabilities, i.e. % of Range, parts per million (ppm) of Reading, % of Span, etc.

Download TolCal_4-0 (.zip)

Mismatch Uncertainty Calculator 1.0

Mismatch Uncertainty Calculator performs uncertainty analysis associated with microwave mismatch components, conversions between Reflection Coefficient, Return Loss and SWR as well as various other microwave calculations. This program is especially useful for calculating uncertainties associated with calibrating 2-port symmetric devices such as attenuators, directional couplers, filters, etc., and for determining mismatch loss for either a perfect load or source.

Download mismatch (.zip)

If you have problems downloading or using the software on this page, contact Chris Grachanen at