Janiqua Simon – Quality Certified Calibration Technician

My primary interest and area of expertise is Quality Assurance, I have a passion for quality and a desire to continuously improve processes which affect efficiency, precision, accuracy and safety. I am able to selftrain and grasp new concepts quickly. My measurement expertise is Physical Dimensional; some of the items I have calibrated are flowmeters, pressure gauges, micrometers, calipers, thread plug gages, gage blocks, flatness and height measuring devices. I have a working knowledge of the Electronics measurement area; I have calibrated devices such as multimeters, counters and attenuators.

I am an American Society for Quality Certified Calibration Technician and have a working knowledge of ISO 9001 practices. I have a comprehensive understanding of R&D, Air Force technical orders 002014 and 33K11001, generation of calibration and quality documents. Calculated the uncertainty budget and managed proficiency testing for initial ISO 17025 accreditation. I have attended business management courses to broaden my knowledge of and to serve as a vehicle into management. I have worked with the United States Air Force most of my career, I would like to opportunity to work in a commercial environment. My knowledge, skills and desire to learn will be a positive addition to your calibration lab. I am looking for an employer who values the worklife balance. Mid shift, flextime and production quotas are some of the things I’m seeking in an employer. Single and willing to travel to any location as long as my rescue dogs can come too. Able to move ASAP and start work NLT the 3rd week in July. I produce test equipment efficiently, quickly and with high accuracy. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

Janiqua Simon
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Contact via email please: janiqua.Simon @ gmail.com
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