Modular vs. Monolithic Automation

December 14, 2017 Office 0

by Michael Schwartz Over the past 30 years of my software and automation career, I have migrated to a modular approach to software design. I come from an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) background and I […]

Basic Rise Time Measurements

December 14, 2017 Office 0

by Jerry Eldred Although rise time is a common calibration measurement in pulse/function generators and some oscilloscopes, it is often not well understood. Making a good rise time measurement is somewhat similar to home stereo […]

History of Lowry PMEL School

December 14, 2017 Office 0

For an industry outsider looking in, an awful lot of metrology technicians and metrologists have their background in the military. There’s a reason for that: Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratories (PMEL) schools all over the world […]

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