Industry & Research News Submissions

Submissions to Industry & Research News are welcome. This column covers research and news events relevant to the field of metrology or industrial metrology and calibration. If your company or organization publishes a newsletter, add us to your mailing list.

Submissions for news articles and organization news releases and newsletters should be sent to

 Article Submissions

Article submissions are welcome. Finished articles or abstracts can be sent to  We regret that we cannot print all articles submitted. Article acceptance is based on relevance to the field of metrology and calibration in any discipline area and is subject to space available. Neither Cal Lab Magazine nor Cal Lab Solutions, Inc. claim copyrights to articles published within Cal Lab Magazine, in-print or online. Authors retain sole ownership over their own work.

Some basic guidelines/suggestions:

  • For those who have yet to write a full article, we suggest submitting an abstract first.
  • Typical article length is 8 pages in MS Word.
  • Figures/photos should be 150+ dpi in CMYK color.
  • Figures/photos need to be submitted as a separate JPG, AI, or PDF file.
  • Cite your references.

There is no specific format required for article or abstract submission; we defer to the author for style. If you need a grammar or style brush-up, here are some helpful links:

Cover Photo Submissions

Show off your calibration lab to the world!  Studies show that young women are more likely to pursue STEM careers when they see representations of themselves in those roles, so we encourage labs to submit photos with their women technicians represented.

Minimum Specifications:

  • Vertical aspect with headroom
  • 300+ dpi
  • CMYK color
  • No larger than 25 MB please!

Examples can be seen here.