Modular vs. Monolithic Automation

December 14, 2017 Office 0

by Michael Schwartz Over the past 30 years of my software and automation career, I have migrated to a modular approach to software design. I come from an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) background and I […]

Thoughts on Database Design

September 11, 2017 Michael Schwartz 0

I am most known in the industry for my abilities related to writing automated calibration procedures.  I have created projects in VB, Lab View, MET/CAL®, MUDCATS, C#, C++, and RMB, just to name a few.  […]

SOA/CMC Editor & Search Tools

June 21, 2017 Michael Schwartz 0

Over the past four years, we at Cal Lab Solutions have been heads-down coding and designing new features for Metrology.NET®.  Our goal has been to Make Metrology Better!  The key members of our team are […]

Creating a Metrology Taxonomy

February 23, 2017 Michael Schwartz 0

by Michael Schwartz & David Zajac Metrology is the science of measurement. For thousands of years we have been creating newer and better ways of measuring things, but in all that time, metrology still lacks […]

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