Uncertainty of Measurement – Brea, CA

November 30, 2017 Office 0

The training includes case studies and discussions, with application of statistical components in practical examples that are frequently encountered by testing laboratories. Learn Key Applications in the Standard: Perform measurement uncertainty calculations that meet your […]

What is Measurement Risk?

June 21, 2017 Office 0

by Henry A. Zumbrun Imagine that a satellite is launched into space and communications are intermittent. This happens because the satellite is wobbling, which causes connection problems in the receiver. The cause of the wobbling […]

How to Determine Resolution Uncertainty

February 23, 2017 Office 0

by Richard Hogan Resolution uncertainty is the uncertainty in measurement contributed by resolution of measurement equipment. Resolution Uncertainty is a factor that contributes to uncertainty in measurement. Its influence should be considered in every uncertainty […]

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