Fundamentals of Measurement Uncertainty

November 16, 2017 Office 0

San Francisco, CA. ANAB. Attendees of this 2-day course will learn a practical approach to measurement uncertainty applications, based on fundamental practices. Measurement uncertainty for both testing and calibration laboratories will be discussed. Attendees will […]

Implementing Metrology and SPC concepts with MS Excel

October 2, 2017 Office 0

This one-day workshop prepares the metrology professional to apply the power of Microsoft Excel’s mathematical and statistical tools to assist in managing the laboratory’s Quality Management System including Measurement Uncertainty. It serves as a prerequisite […]

What is Measurement Risk?

June 21, 2017 Office 0

by Henry A. Zumbrun Imagine that a satellite is launched into space and communications are intermittent. This happens because the satellite is wobbling, which causes connection problems in the receiver. The cause of the wobbling […]

How to Determine Resolution Uncertainty

February 23, 2017 Office 0

by Richard Hogan Resolution uncertainty is the uncertainty in measurement contributed by resolution of measurement equipment. Resolution Uncertainty is a factor that contributes to uncertainty in measurement. Its influence should be considered in every uncertainty […]

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