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Volume Year Quarter Author Title
18:1 2011 Jan-Mar Brien Gauthier How To Function Check a Spectrum Analyzer
18:1 2011 Jan-Mar Richard Koops, Ancuta Mares, Jan Nieuwenkamp Development of the New Line Scale Calibration Facility at the Dutch National Metrology Institute VSL
18:1 2011 Jan-Mar Richard Bono, Eric Seller The Effect of High Traverse Inputs on Accelerometer Calibration
18:1 2011 Jan-Mar Jay Bucher A Paperless Calibration Department
18:2 2011 Apr-Jun Ann Lenhardt How To Calibrate a Single-Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette
18:2 2011 Apr-Jun Mike Stears Balance Calibration: A Method for Assigning a Direct-Reading Uncertainty to an Electronic Balance
18:2 2011 Apr-Jun Sulan Zhang High Attenuation Measurement of Step Attenuators
18:2 2011 Apr-Jun Abdulaziz Al-Ghonamy, Mamdouh Halawa, Mohamed Aichouni Technical Requirements for a Portable Metrology Laboratory for Use in Hot Arid Regions
18:3 2011 Jul-Sep Frank Liebmann Infrared Thermometer Calibration
18:3 2011 Jul-Sep Jon Baldwin, Kim Summerhays, Daniel Campbell Applications of Computer Simulation in Coordinate Measuring Machine Uncertainty Evaluation
18:3 2011 Jul-Sep John Ball Turbine Flow Meter Calibration Using Non-Hazardous Fluid Mixtures to Simulate Fuels and Lubricants
18:3 2011 Jul-Sep Duane Lowenstein What’s Below the Iceberg: Determining the True Cost of Ownership of Test and Measurement Equipment
18:4 2011 Oct-Dec Jerry Eldred Preparation and Use of an Ice-Point Bath
18:4 2011 Oct-Dec Patrick Abbott, Zeina Jabbour An Introduction to Mass Metrology in Vacuum
18:4 2011 Oct-Dec Heather Wade Effective Communication Between Customers and Their Calibration Labs
19:1 2012 Jan-Mar Hock Eng Lim Calibrating 1 mW 50 MHz Power Reference Output
19:1 2012 Jan-Mar Hening Huang Comparison of Uncertainty Calculation Models
19:1 2012 Jan-Mar Peter Saunders Calibrating Low-Temperature Radiation Thermometers
19:1 2012 Jan-Mar Sita Schwartz Alaska Metrology & Calibration Services
19:2 2012 Apr-Jun Martin Kidd Watch Out for Those Thermoelectric Voltages!
19:2 2012 Apr-Jun Paul Roberts Identifying and Avoiding Common Errors in RF Calibration
19:2 2012 Apr-Jun John Wright, et Al. A Comparison of 12 US Liquid Hydrocarbon Flow Standards and the Transition to Safer Calibration Liquids
19:2 2012 Apr-Jun Michael Schwartz Rethinking the Flexible Standards Paradigm
19:3 2012 Jul-Sep Jay Klevens Calibrating DC Shunts
19:3 2012 Jul-Sep Rachael Coquilla Quality of Air Speed Calibrations
19:3 2012 Jul-Sep Michael Haugh, et Al. Learning to Apply Metrology Principles to the Measurement of X-ray Intensities in the 500 eV to 110 keV Energy Range
19:4 2012 Oct-Dec Agilent Technologies Millimeter Wave Connector Care
19:4 2012 Oct-Dec Mamdouh Halawa Implementation and Verification of Building-up AC-DC Current Transfer up to 10 A
19:4 2012 Oct-Dec Jacob Ricker, Jay Hendricks, Douglas Olson, Greg Strouse Faster, Better, Cheaper: New Automated Vacuum Calibration Service at NIST
20:1 2013 Jan-Mar Charles Sperrazza Verifying 1 mW 50 MHz Power Reference Output SWR
20:1 2013 Jan-Mar David Deaver Stating Best Uncertainties Over a Range of Values
20:1 2013 Jan-Mar Wesley England An Uncertainty Analysis for a Positive Displacement Liquid Flow Calibrator Using the Water Draw Technique
20:2 2013 Apr-Jun Edward Morrell Piston Prover Design with Additional Measurement Capabilities and Reduced Flow Interaction
20:2 2013 Apr-Jun Michael Bair, Tim Francis A New Primary Standard for the Realization of Pressure from 10 to 500 kPa
20:2 2013 Apr-Jun Mark Kuster Metrology: Standardize and Automate!
20:3 2013 Jul-Sep Michael Schwartz Testing Linearity on the Agilent E441xA Power Sensors
20:3 2013 Jul-Sep Dean Ripple, Michael Carrier, Richard Cavicchi, Christopher Montgomery, Zhishang Hu The Metrology of Counting Protein Particles
20:3 2013 Jul-Sep Helko van den Brom, Gert Rietveld, Jan Paepen Small Current Measurements for a New Standard in Radionuclide Metrology
20:3 2013 Jul-Sep Rebecca Choi, Jessica Chung, Justin Jinwon Lee Gender-Specific Effects on Tympanic Temperature of a Cohort Sample of 15 to 16 Year Old High School Students
20:4 2013 Oct-Dec Bob Hardy Design Considerations of a Two-Pressure Humidity Generator
20:4 2013 Oct-Dec Ann Lenhardt, Erin Lenhardt Pipette Calibration: The Gravimetric Method and Balance Resolution
20:4 2013 Oct-Dec Roger Bond, Kelly Bray, Marcellino Valdez, Matthew Rickard Performance Measurement and Design Optimization of a Cooling Fin Array
21:1 2014 Jan-Mar Tom Morgan Tolerances for Non-Linear Analog Resistance Scales
21:1 2014 Jan-Mar Thomas O. Maginnis Progress in the Theory of the Laminar Tube Thermal Flow Sensor
21:1 2014 Jan-Mar Dean S. Williams Leveraging LEAN in the Laboratory
21:2 2014 Apr-Jun Jesse Morse The Effect of Cables and Shields on Traceability
21:2 2014 Apr-Jun Christoph von Rohden Speed-of-Sound Measurements in Liquids Using Time-of-Flight Sensors
21:2 2014 Apr-Jun Jonathon Harben Uncertainty Estimation Based on Repeated Observations of a Population of Instruments
21:2 2014 Apr-Jun Kenneth Parson Laboratory Management: An Introduction
21:3 2014 Jul-Sep Michael Schwartz 1 mW Power Sensor Calibration with Vector Mismatch
Corrections Based on the Direct Comparison Method
21:3 2014 Jul-Sep Henry Zumbrun Analyzing the Effects of Reducing the Ending Zero Versus Ignoring the Trailing Zero on Measuring Instruments Used for Force Calibration
21:3 2014 Jul-Sep Kenneth Parson Documentation and Document Control
21:3 2014 Jul-Sep Bart Caswell Report of an Interlaboratory Comparison of Phase Noise
21:4 2014 Oct-Dec Jerry Eldred Basic Torque Calibration
21:4 2014 Oct-Dec Murat Celep Wide Band Microwave Noise Measurement System
21:4 2014 Oct-Dec John Dorighi, Rob Sleigh Accelerate TDR Measurements with Electronic Calibration
21:4 2014 Oct-Dec Michael Schwartz Calibrating a UUT on a Remote Computer Using Fluke MET/CAL®
22:1 2015 Jan-Mar Richard Hogan How To Perform a Repeatability Test
22:1 2015 Jan-Mar David M. Walker Made in America – European Origin?
22:1 2015 Jan-Mar Hugo Gasca, Luis Omar Becerra, Victor Serrano, & Luis Manuel Peña Treatment of Conditional Measurement Bias in Measuring Instruments
22:1 2015 Jan-Mar Pamela Wright A Practical Guide for Selecting, Purchasing, and Receiving Accredited Calibration Service
22:2 2015 Apr-Jun Paul A. Williams, Joshua A. Hadler, Daniel King, Robert Lee, Frank C. Maring, Gordon A. Shaw, Nathan A. Tomlin, Marla L. Dowell, John H. Lehman Progress Toward Radiation-Pressure-Based Measurement of High-Power Laser Emission
22:2 2015 Apr-Jun Mettler-Toledo Pushing the Boundaries of Traceable Measurement
22:2 2015 Apr-Jun Kenneth Parson Measurement Traceability: The Unbroken Chain
22:3 2015 Jul-Sep Ted Doiron Dimensional Measurement Uncertainty from Data, Part 1: Check Standards
22:3 2015 Jul-Sep Russell Keenan RACI Charts for Process and Procedure Management
22:3 2015 Jul-Sep Kenneth Parson Internal Audit: How to Take the Pulse of Your Laboratory
22:4 2015 Oct-Dec Phil Mistretta Good Metrology Practice (GMetP): OOT Investigations
22:4 2015 Oct-Dec Christopher L. Grachanen The Metrology of PCB Signal Integrity
22:4 2015 Oct-Dec Randy Long Methods, Procedures, and Instructions
22:4 2015 Oct-Dec Sita Schwartz Badging for the Metrology Industry
23:1 2016 Jan-Mar Richard Hogan Probability Distributions and Divisors for Estimating Measurement Uncertainty
23:1 2016 Jan-Mar Dave Brannon PXI Interoperability – How to Achieve Multi-Vendor Interoperability in PXI Systems
23:1 2016 Jan-Mar Roger Muse Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025: Understanding the Benefits and the Process
23:1 2016 Jan-Mar Sita Schwartz Training Resources for Business
23:2 2016 Apr-Jun Henry Zumbrun 3 Bar Versus 2 Bar Universal Calibrating Machines Comparison Test
23:2 2016 Apr-Jun Ebtisam H. Hassan, R. Hegazy, Gouda M. Mahmoud The Effects of Loading Pad Hardness on the Calibration Results of Force Transducers
23:2 2016 Apr-Jun Mettler Toledo Using Robotic Comparators in Mass Calibration
23:2 2016 Apr-Jun Rob Miller 10 Things to Know About Achieving ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation
23:3 2016 Jul-Sep Ted Doiron Dimensional Measurement Uncertainty from Data, Part 2: Uncertainty R&R
23:3 2016 Jul-Sep Michael Boetzkes Humidity Calibration Using Portable Relative Humidity Generators
23:3 2016 Jul-Sep Dr. George Anastasopoulos The New ISO 17025 – What to Expect
23:4 2016 Oct-Dec Hening Huang On the Welch-Satterthwaite Formula for Uncertainty Estimation: A Paradox and Its Resolution
23:4 2016 Oct-Dec Richard Fertell, Hamed Ershad, York Xu, Osborne Gumbs, Tammy Tran Calibrating Liquid Flow Instruments Beyond +5 °C to +90 °C
23:4 2016 Oct-Dec Dr. George Anastasopoulos The New ISO 17025 – DIS Stage
23:4 2016 Oct-Dec Christopher L. Grachanen Petitioning the SOC for inclusion of Job Descriptions for Metrologist and Calibration Engineer
24:1 2017 Jan-Mar Richard Hogan How to Determine Resolution Uncertainty
24:1 2017 Jan-Mar Henry Zumbrun, Alireza Zeinali Uncertainty Propagation for Force Calibration Systems
24:1 2017 Jan-Mar Roland A. Boucher The Pendulum and Standards of Measure in the Ancient World
24:2 2017 Apr-Jun Richard Fertell, Hamed Ershad, York Xu, Osborne Gumbs, Tammy Tran Weigh Standard Assessment – Calibrating Liquid Flow Instruments Beyond +5 °C to +90 °C
24:2 2017 Apr-Jun Henry Z. Zumbrun What is Measurement Risk?
24:2 2017 Apr-Jun Roland A. Boucher Chapter Two: The Pendulum and Standards of Measure in the Ancient World
24:2 2017 Apr-Jun Dr. Alex Lepek A Standard Text File Format for the Exchange of Calibration Data Required for Analysis
24:3 2017 Jul-Sep Michael Johnston Calibrating Long Scale DMMs with Fluke MET/CAL and the Fluke 57xxA Through 90-day Characterization
24:3 2017 Jul-Sep Michael L. Schwartz Using Metrology.NET to Calculate ISO/IEC 17025 Uncertainties for Fluke MET/CAL
24:3 2017 Jul-Sep Dr. George Anastasopoulos The New ISO/IEC 17025:2017
24:3 2017 Jul-Sep Paul Hanssen Metrology – Why We Do What We Do
24:4 2017 Oct-Dec Jerry Eldred Metrology 101: Basic Rise Time Measurements
24:4 2017 Oct-Dec Richard Steven, Joshua Kinney Large Volume Cone Differential Pressure Meters
24:4 2017 Oct-Dec Editor History of Lowry PMEL School
25:1 2018 Jan-Mar Martin de Groot Calibrating a Micropipette
25:1 2018 Jan-Mar Henry Zumbrun An Introduction to the Differences Between the Two Most Recognized Force Standards
25:1 2018 Jan-Mar Michael Schwartz Creating a Taxonomy for Metrology
25:2 2018 Apr-Jun Sean Nielson A Comparison of Deadweight Testers and Digital Pressure Calibrators
25:2 2018 Apr-Jun Hening Huang More on the t-Interval Method and Mean-Unbiased Estimator for Measurement Uncertainty Estimation
25:2 2018 Apr-Jun Kevin Abercrombie A Risk Based Approach to Calibration Laboratory Infrastructure Modernization
25:3 2018 Jul-Sep Donald Larson Calculating the Frequency Response of an Oscilloscope from a Transition Duration Measurement
25:3 2018 Jul-Sep Sita Schwartz In Focus: Colorado Engineering Experiment Station (CEESI)
25:4 2018 Oct-Dec Christopher L. Grachanen A Tool for Validating Spreadsheets
25:4 2018 Oct-Dec M. Zeier, J. Hoffmann, J. Ruefenacht, M. Wollensack Contemporary Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainties in Vector Network Analysis
25:4 2018 Oct-Dec Hannah Eilers, Michael Schwartz Rules & Tools for Creating a Metrology Taxonomy
26:1 2019 Jan-Mar Murat Celep, Handan Sakarya Development of RF and Microwave Metrology Capability
26:1 2019 Jan-Mar Stanislav Mašláň, Oliver Power Project TracePQM – Traceable Measurements of Power and Power Quality Parameters
26:1 2019 Jan-Mar Howard Zion Periodic-ish Table of Metrology