Project TracePQM

April 8, 2019 Office 0

by Stanislav Mašláň & Oliver Power This paper introduces European project TracePQM focused on the development of an open, modular, metrology grade measurement system for traceable measurement of electric power and power quality parameters. The […]

Periodic-ish Table of Metrology

April 8, 2019 Office 0

by Howard Zion The universe of Inspection, Measurement, and Test Equipment (IMTE) encompasses so many independent manufacturer/model numbers that it can become extremely difficult to manage, whether for the company that owns the equipment or […]

A Tool for Validating Spreadsheets

January 25, 2019 Office 0

by Christopher L. Grachanen Spreadsheets are one of the most prolific software tools used in calibration and test laboratories. From simple math computations and to sophisticated data curve fitting, spreadsheets are typically the de facto […]

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