Industry demand for calibration services drives reinstatement of Primary Liquid Densitometer | NEL News

Thursday, February 01, 2018 – Following high levels of demand, NEL’s density calibration service is upgrading the level of accuracy it offers by reinstating the Primary Densitometer in its facility.

“The Densitometer Calibration Facility has been very busy recently,” says Principal Consultant, Dr Norman Glen. “For example, last year we calibrated 95 customer densitometers and undertook five weeks of research on the density measurement performance of a new design of Coriolis meter for a major manufacturer.”

“There is a real depth of demand from industry for density calibration services,” he explains. “Many of the densitometers we see have been through our calibration facilities three or four times. We have also seen more interest from manufacturers of Coriolis meters for improved calibration of the density output of their meters. We are working with them to improve this aspect of their performance.”