New High Stability Hygrometer

Rotronic Instrument Corporation New York has agreed to represent the RH Systems 473 dew point hygrometer throughout the Americas. RH Systems is a world renowned developer of precision chilled mirror hygrometers that are the first choice for standards laboratories and research organizations worldwide.

The 473 features a cable mounted dew point measuring head that can be directly mounted into the chamber working space. Temperature is measured with a PRT (platinum resistance thermometer) than can be directly mounted to the measuring head for simple use, or cable-mounted for easy repositioning to determine spatial temperature and %RH variations of the test environment. Dew point and temperature values are used to calculate relative humidity (%RH) or any other humidity units required by the user.

Measurement data is displayed on a three line, user configurable touch-screen display in either numerical or graphical format. Serial digital and optional analog outputs allow the user to log and record data for later analysis or to meet validation requirements.

The 473 provides highly precise and stable reference measurements that are essential to achieve low uncertainty calibration validation of RH generators, climatic test facilities and pharmaceutical stability chambers. With the proven long term stability and intuitive user interface, the 473 makes attaining the most precise humidity measurements possible for any user.

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