The Effects of Loading Pad Hardness on the Calibration Results of Force Transducers

by Ebtisam H. Hassan, R. Hegazy, Gouda M. Mahmoud

Common practice in the use of force proving instruments, such as load cells, has been to use loading pads to maintain the safety for the load cell from any defects that can be occurred due to direct contact between the force transducer body and the calibration standard machine and also in the event of accidental overload. The load cell manufacturer supplies these loading pads by a certain specified hardness and stiffness according to the load cell capacity. These loading pads may be lost and other loading pads, which are not of the same mechanical properties compared to the original ones, have to be used. Therefore, the aim of this study is to investigate the effect of changing the loading pads with different hardness values on the calibration results of the force transducers. Read the full article >>