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An advanced Measurement Uncertainty Calculator

METAS UncLib is a generic measurement uncertainty calculator developed by METAS as part of the VNA Tools II project. METAS UncLib is written in C# within the .NET framework. Software development is done by Michael Wollensack. For more information visit:


CMC Workbook for ASTM E74 Uncertainty

Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) Workbook – ASTM E74 Uncertainty

Morehouse has developed a new excel workbook to help those trying to figure out measurement uncertainty and how to calculate their Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC).  Most of this workbook is setup for labs following the ASTM E74-13a standard.  (With slight modification the uncertainty sheet could be used for instruments calibrated in accordance with another test method or standard).  Visit Morehouse’s original blog for detailed info and workbook download link >>


IniValueEditor – Free Tool from Cal Lab Solutions, Inc.

IniValueEditor.exe  is a specialized editor for allowing safer and more convenient editing of INI files than using Notepad.exe.  The editor was originally designed as an external extension tool to assist programs written using the Fluke MET/CAL® development tool set.  It can also be used as a standalone program.

This editor was developed as part of an A2LA compliant Fluke 5720 calibrator calibration procedure, developed under contract with U.S. Army Primary Standards Laboratory.  In the procedure, an INI file is used to pass correction factors and calibration data required to calibrate the 5720. During the initial delivery and installation of the procedure, it became clear that the usage of the INI file presented some issues and concerns for the average calibration technician.  Simply instructing them to edit the calibration data in Notepad.exe was not sufficient.  Additionally, we wanted to make sure the users would only edit the calibration data and not unwittingly change the structure of the file, causing issues during the calibration.

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IC Measure: Free Software for On-Screen Measurement and Image Capture

The Imaging Source, international manufacturer of machine vision cameras and software, has just introduced its new software for on-screen measurement and image capture, IC Measure.

IC Measure is a versatile, high-performance application for the measurement of lengths, surfaces and angles. Its simple user interface also provides image capture and image enhancement functions. The IC Measure calibration tool makes it possible to define image scale (µm – km); the software is quickly calibrated using an ocular micrometer (microscope) or an object of known size (e.g. a ruler).

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RF & Microwave Metrology

VNA Tools II is free and supports most of the Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) in today’s market. The software simplifies your tasks of generating accurate measurement uncertainty and vindicating metrological traceability. The software is ideal for flexible and modular external VNA calibration, error correction algorithms, device control, graphical capabilities, and a project-based data analysis. Its speed and performance will optimize the measurement un-certainty computation and propagation through a measurement model in compliance with the ISO-GUM. The software is available for download at There is a discussion forum where you can find many interesting threads: VNA Tools user forum.


Free MET/CAL® Procedures for Keysight Oscilloscopes

Free to all Keysight customers supporting DSO-X & MSO-X 2000/3000/4000 Series Oscilloscopes

Available through Cal Lab Solutions, Inc., Keysight Technologies has made MET/CAL® calibration procedures available for download for select MSO-X and DSO-X series oscilloscopes, free of cost!
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Free Barrier Calculation Software

NEW FREE BARRIER INSERTION LOSS NOISE PREDICTION SOFTWARE from Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development

Scantek, Inc., is pleased to announce that one of our suppliers, Olive Tree Labs, is offering free barrier calculation software for a voluntary and strictly optional donation of any amount to the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund .

Environmental Noise Control—Olive Tree Labs software “Barrier Calculator” is being offered free to all users and encourages a voluntary donation to the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund, established by the Acoustical Society of America (ASA.)  Acoustical Society Foundation Fund has enabled the ASA to provide a wide variety of scholarships, grants, fellowships, and other assistance to help hundreds of acousticians in the pursuit of their research and thereby advancing the field of acoustics.

To obtain the software or to make a voluntary contribution to ASA, or to do both, click on

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Multichoice for Fluke MET/CAL® from Cal Lab Solutions

Multichoice for Fluke MET/CAL®

Currently MET/CAL® procedures can only be programmed to ask the operator a Yes or No question. MultiChoice is a MET/CAL® add-on application that allows the programmer to ask the operator a question with a list of possible answers. Now a programmer can ask the operator questions like “What is the serial prefix of the UUT? {1234B-} {2345B-} or {Above 3456A-}.” The user simply selects the correct answer from the list and the result is passed back to the MET/CAL® procedure.

Cal Lab Solutions is licensing MultiChoice to all MET/CAL® users free of charge. A copy of this software is available by visiting:

If you have any questions please contact


Measurement Uncertainty Software from H-P Enterprise

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s, Houston Metrology Group is pleased to provide FREEWARE programs developed for use in their corporate metrology lab: Uncertainty Calculator, Tolerance Calculator and Mismatch Calculator. These packages may be downloaded as .zip files. These programs are provided as a service to the Metrology community at no cost.

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Measurement Uncertainty Software – from Integrated Sciences Group

Integrated Sciences Group has developed free metrology software tools for controlling uncertainties and risks:

  • Uncertainty Sidekick guides you through the process of developing uncertainty estimates for direct measurements.
  • Type B Uncertainty Calculator is a stand-alone a tool for estimating uncertainties.
  • RiskGuard is a measurement decision risk analysis freeware that determines test/calibration guardbands.
  • IntervalMax helps you determine reasonable calibration intervals based on NCSLI’s recommended practice.

These metrology freeware tools can be downloaded by visiting