Free Barrier Calculation Software

March 29, 2012 Office 0

Scantek, Inc., is pleased to announce that one of our suppliers, Olive Tree Labs, is offering free barrier calculation software for a voluntary and strictly optional donation of any amount to the Acoustical Society Foundation […]

Multichoice for Fluke MET/CAL®

February 4, 2011 Admin 2

Currently MET/CAL® procedures can only be programmed to ask the operator a Yes or No question. MultiChoice is a MET/CAL® add-on application that allows the programmer to ask the operator a question with a list […]

Measurement Uncertainty Software from H-P Enterprise

January 1, 2011 Admin 0

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s, Houston Metrology Group is pleased to provide FREEWARE programs developed for use in their corporate metrology lab: Uncertainty Calculator, Tolerance Calculator and Mismatch Calculator. These packages may be downloaded as .zip files. These programs are […]

Measurement Uncertainty Software

January 1, 2011 Admin 0

Integrated Sciences Group has developed free metrology software tools for controlling uncertainties and risks: Uncertainty Sidekick guides you through the process of developing uncertainty estimates for direct measurements. Type B Uncertainty Calculator is a stand-alone […]

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