Ashcroft® 3-in-1 GC35 Pressure Sensor

July 27, 2011 Office 0

Rugged Multi-Function Digital Pressure Sensor with Display The Ashcroft® GC35 digital pressure sensor provides remote signaling, local reading and pressure control, all in one small, rugged design. Equipped with a 4-20mA analog output, 4 digit […]

The Constants They Are A Changin’

July 20, 2011 Office 0

NIST Posts Latest Adjustments to Fundamental Figures The electromagnetic force has gotten a little stronger, gravity a little weaker, and the size of the smallest “quantum” of energy is now known a little better. The […]

Wahl C150 On-site Multifunction Calibrator

July 18, 2011 Office 0

The ergonomically designed Wahl C150 On-site Multifunction Calibrator features unique built in “easy connect” terminals, portable and bench top flexibility, and easy to use intuitive embedded software. Fully protected with an external anti-shock rubber boot […]

Trescal Acquires Stork Intermes

July 7, 2011 Office 0

Trescal, the international specialist for calibration services, continues its geographic expansion with the acquisition of Benelux leader Stork Intermes, from Stork Materials Technology (SMT), a material testing group headquartered in Netherland.