EUROCAL Agreement Signed

Four years of effort to establish a base for the International Association of Calibration Laboratories in Europe was successfully concluded on Tuesday October 23rd, 2012, when chairpersons of the Czech Calibration Association (CKS) Jiri Kazda, German Calibration Association (DKD) Peter Ulbig, and Slovakia Calibration Association (KZSR) Frantisek Drozda signed an agreement that officially constitutes the European Calibration Association (from this point on referred to as EUROCAL).

EUROCAL aims to become a forum for the coordination and harmonization of cooperation among associations of calibration laboratories, primarily (but not exclusively) from EU countries. EUROCAL is a professional interest group with its main focus on exchange of information and knowledge between national associations in the field of calibration.

A need has been indicated for better representation of calibration laboratories towards the metrology or accreditation authorities. Similarly, the harmonization of local calibration guides shall improve the competitive position of laboratories on an international scale. We believe that EUROCAL will reach the position to address these issues and more.

Membership at EUROCAL is free of charge and is open for any national association, group, club, or other form of calibration lab around Europe. A copy of the EUROCAL agreement, as well as the Accession form and other documents and information are available online at