Lista Foam Drawer Liners for Protection, Identification and Control of Valuable Instruments and Equipment

Controlled Item Location of Medical Instruments and Equipment

Lista International Corporation introduces its Foam Drawer Liners—the perfect solution for protecting, identifying and controlling valuable instruments and equipment.

Lista’s shadowed foam drawer insert liners make empty compartments easy to spot, and protect instruments and equipment from movement and contact with other objects in the drawer.  The liner uses a 2-layer insert system:  the upper blue foam liner cushions and protects instruments and equipment in perfectly-shaped cut-outs, while the bottom yellow foam liner makes it easy to spot missing items.  Each liner can be customized to hold the specific instruments and equipment stored in a Lista storage cabinet drawer.

Available for all Lista drawer sizes, inserts can be ordered in self-cut liner kits, individual self-cut liners or custom-cut liners.  Technical grade foam inserts, which do not off-gas and can be sterilized, are also available, as are inserts in conductive foam for ESD applications.

To find out more about Lista’s Foam Drawer Liners, call or write: Lista International Corporation, 106 Lowland Street, Holliston, MA 01746; TEL 1-800-722-3020; FAX 508-626-0353; EMAIL Visit Lista’s web site at