Software is Cheaper Labor

January 25, 2019 Michael Schwartz 0

Over the years I have watched several labs go through the decision process to purchase new hardware. Most labs have the same process: look at the work load requiring the new hardware, and calculate the […]

Thoughts on Database Design

September 11, 2017 Michael Schwartz 0

I am most known in the industry for my abilities related to writing automated calibration procedures.  I have created projects in VB, Lab View, MET/CAL®, MUDCATS, C#, C++, and RMB, just to name a few.  […]

SOA/CMC Editor & Search Tools

June 21, 2017 Michael Schwartz 0

Over the past four years, we at Cal Lab Solutions have been heads-down coding and designing new features for Metrology.NET®.  Our goal has been to Make Metrology Better!  The key members of our team are […]

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