Rules & Tools for Creating a Metrology Taxonomy

The wikidot page helps the user with aspects of quantity and UoMs for the MII Taxonomy Builder form.

by Hannah Eilers & Michael Schwartz

The 141 MII (Measurement Information Infrastructure) & Automation Committee of NCSLI (National Conference of Standards Laboratories International) has been working to develop a new standard for the exchange of measurement data between systems. The overall goal is to create a set of standard, machine-readable formats for data such as calibration data found in certificates of calibration, instrument specifications, and scopes of accreditation. The concept of MII began as a paper presented at the Measurement Science Conference (MSC) in 2013 by Mark Kuster, titled “Metrology: Standardize and Automate!” Since then, Mark has expanded upon the concept through a series of articles in NCSLI’s Metrologist, and members of the MII & AC have developed tools to aid in these objectives. The latest tool developed is the MII Taxonomy Builder form, an online form for MII & AC participants to go in and contribute their industry specific knowledge. The focus of this paper is on the MII development team’s progress in 2018 and is supplemental to “Creating a Taxonomy for Metrology.” Read Full Article (PDF)