Contemporary Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainties in Vector Network Analysis

Schematic overview of the components in VNA Tools software that are relevant for the evaluation of the measurement uncertainty of S-parameters.

by M. Zeier, J. Hoffmann, J. Ruefenacht, M. Wollensack

The evaluation of measurement uncertainties in vector network analysis is a demanding task. The metrology guide EURAMET cg-12 (formerly EA 10/12) is dedicated to this topic and serves as a guideline for calibration laboratories and national metrology institutes. The guide has been revised, acknowledging the technical progress in the field. The new method promotes uncertainty evaluation based on the modeling of the entire VNA measurement process. The method is widely applicable, provides more reliable uncertainties compared to the previous method and is in agreement with relevant standard documents. Software support is needed to implement the new method and as an example the VNA metrology software VNA Tools is introduced. READ FULL ARTICLE (PDF)