Turbine Flow Meter Calibration Using Nonhazardous Fluid Mixtures to Simulate Fuels and Lubricants

By John Ball

Precision turbine flow meters are widely applied in Army research, development, and test facilities. Helicopters, tanks, and many other military machines are dependent upon engine and hydraulic test stands located at depots throughout the world. Turbine flow meter measurements are key components in such test facilities, and periodic calibration is essential to maintain accuracy. If the candidate nonflammable, environmentally friendly fluid currently under study can be used to simulate hydrocarbon fuels and lubricants for calibration, turbine flow meter support may become significantly less expensive, less dangerous, more accurate, and also nonpolluting. This report summarizes current Army and Air Force turbine flow meter calibration programs, influences of fluid properties on calibration coefficients, the results of recent Army-Air Force inter-laboratory comparisons in hydrocarbon and surrogate fluid mixtures, problems that remain to be solved, and future work. Read Full Article (PDF)