Call for Papers

Metrology is invisible.  Try searching a major newspaper or science publication for “metrology” and see what results you get.  And of those watered-down results, which ones offer any practical value to your work?  For 25 years, CAL LAB has been publishing metrology related news and articles.  But, just like conferences depend on papers, we depend on them too. Metrology 101 articles are not something you can just go out to a professional technical writer to generate, particularly for a niche audience such as yourselves.  Even a higher level article requires an enthusiasm for the subject that a professional writer is simply not able to provide.

This is our Call for Papers! We are not owned by a media company or sizeable industry association, so our resources are pretty limited when it comes to sourcing material for each issue. How we sourced material in the past is no longer viable for the future. So I am reaching out to our readers to help us pass your knowledge onto the next generation.  We need experienced techs, engineers, scientists, as well as industry-related consultants and educators to contribute their knowledge to a wider audience! 

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We do not have a pay-wall, rather, we freely distribute the magazine in print and digital format. Additionally, we do not hold copyrights on contributed material.  We accept paid subscriptions and require them for international mailings, but we feel an obligation to the calibration community to continue providing easily accessible, relevant information.  Will you help us?