Crystal Engineering nVision Remote Recording Software Updates

Crystal Engineering is releasing free firmware and software updates, allowing users to control recordings on the nVision Reference Recorder remotely from a PC. nVision’s Remote Recording enables users to start and stop recordings from the CrystalControl software, rather than directly from the device.

Crystal designed this feature for circumstances that require mandatory safety distances or difficult to access locations. Users may safely stand up to 100 feet away from a test while configuring, controlling, graphing, and downloading recordings from one or multiple nVision units.

The nVision Reference Recorder and the nVision Lab Reference use interchangeable modules and record at up to 10 readings per second from two sensor ports, with a max pressure of 15,000 psi. Readings from a pressure module have an accuracy up to 0.025% of the indicated reading. Using both sensors, an nVision unit takes low differential measurements at high static pressure, with up to 0.025% of reading accuracy. All readings are fully temperature compensated, requiring no additional accuracy offsets for operating temperatures between -20°C to 50°C. Each nVision module includes an ISO 17025 (NIST traceable) calibration certificate with test data at 5 temperatures.

During a test, the LCD screen allows panning and zooming across any data set without pausing the recording. In addition to pressure, nVision units can also record temperature, voltage, and milliamp current. The nVision Reference Recorder (field unit) is Intrinsically Safe, runs on 4 AA alkaline batteries for 30+ days and weighs less than 2 lbs. The nVision Lab Reference is rack-mountable and runs on a USB power source.

For more information on the nVision Reference Recorder, visit Crystal Engineering is based in San Luis Obispo, CA and produces highly accurate, field-grade testing and calibration equipment for measurement applications in oil & natural gas, offshore drilling, oil refineries, gas distribution, power generation, nuclear power, waste water, water supply, manufacturing, aerospace, and aircraft maintenance.