New High Voltage Standard

Ohm-Labs, Inc. has released a new high voltage divider for precision measurement of dc and 50/60 Hz ac high voltage.

The new model HVS incorporates improvements from ten years of manufacturing Park type dividers based on the former Julie Research Labs design (acquired in 2001) and the Sensitive Research / EIS design (acquired in 2010). Both these former models will continue to be supported.

The HVS is modular. 50 MW / 50 kV sections may be stacked to increase the measurement range. The low resistor is an Ohm-Labs 1 KW resistance standard which may be removed for characterization or exchanged for other ratios.

An innovative guard structure provides high immunity from leakage or ground plane coupling errors. It also provides a secondary metering output, independent of the main divider, for monitoring voltage during tests.

The modular design is rugged and does not require a special transit container.

ISO17025 accredited calibration is included up to 150 kV dc and 100 kV ac (60 Hz rms). Ohm-Labs maintains some of the lowest uncertainties in commercial high voltage calibration.

Please contact Ohm-Labs at 412-431-0640, or visit the website at for additional information.