Calibrating Long Scale DMMs with Fluke MET/CAL and the Fluke 57xxA Through 90-day Characterization

100 mV(dc) Drift History

by Michael Johnston

Due to the high accuracy of the long scale (8½-digit) meters, the standards and methods required to perform a verification of the device often make automation of the process difficult. Alternatively, guardbanding is sometimes used to allow for the use of less accurate standards. However, due to the excellent stability of the Fluke 57xxA, it is possible to use a periodically characterized value of the output in place of other standards and methods for a direct measurement.

By performing an artifact calibration and subsequently characterizing the value of the 57xxA every 90 days, a user can maintain a data file for use with a simplified MET/CAL procedure for rapid verification of long scale multimeters. READ FULL ARTICLE (PDF)