Badging for the Metrology Industry

November 16, 2015 Office 0

by Sita Schwartz, Editor Online education and interaction precipitates a need for validating individual experience and qualifications. Electronic badging is becoming more popular as the internet continues to evolve. The platform for electronic badging is […]

RACI Charts for Process and Procedure Management

September 7, 2015 Office 0

by Russell Keenan RACI charts are a type of Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), which can be used to clarify and more effectively define, resource, and implement processes and procedures. RACI charts are especially well-suited for […]

Measurement Traceability: The Unbroken Chain

May 26, 2015 Office 0

by Kenneth Parson Many excellent articles have been written that cover the matter of measurement uncertainty as it applies to the Measurement Trace process. These articles usually focus on statistical or technical analysis of what […]

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