Metrology: Standardize and Automate!

May 21, 2013 Office 0

by Mark Kuster Metrology revolves around standards—measurement standards, normative standards, standard measurement practices, etc.—to achieve consistent quality results. To remain competitive, metrology, like other industries, also depends on automation and standardized interoperability to attain and […]

Stating Best Uncertainties Over a Range of Values

February 19, 2013 Office 0

by David Deaver   The Guides to Measurement Uncertainty (GUMs) give very prescriptive methods for calculating measurement uncertainty at individual points. Some laboratories undertake the calculation of uncertainty at many points and state them in […]

Comparison of Uncertainty Calculation Models

February 22, 2012 Office 0

By Hening Huang Three models are available in the literature for calculating the expanded uncertainty using the experimental standard deviation: the Student’s t model, Craig model, and Bayesian model. This paper compares these three models […]

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