Using Metrology.NET to Calculate ISO/IEC 17025 Uncertainties for Fluke MET/CAL

by Michael Schwartz

Writing automated calibrations and controlling test equipment is easy. But once you have the automation working, now it’s time to calculate the uncertainties. Often calculating uncertainties and documenting the results takes longer than writing the actual procedure. Then there are the changes to the calculations, changes in customer requirements, as well as and industry regulations and standards. All of this takes time away from creating automation.

This paper will show you how to offload the task of calculating measurement uncertanties to a Metrology.NET service call, and how this division of tasks in software allows the programmer to focus on writing automation and the quality/metrology engineer to focus on uncertanties. By using a REST based service call, the quality engineer doesn’t have to learn programming, nor is the programmer required to learn all the details about the uncertainty calculation. Best of all, this REST call technique can be added to any software language, such as MET/CAL®, SureCal®, LabView® or any Metrology.NET® system.

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