ASL Launches F650 Precision Thermometry Bridge

Based on proven AC bridge technology F650 delivers improved performance for laboratories requiring high accuracy temperature measurement and calibration

ASL, an Elektron Technology plc company, has today introduced the F650 precision thermometry bridge, a significant enhancement to its best selling F600 and F700 ranges. Based on proven and exceptionally stable AC bridge technology, the F650 provides high accuracy temperature measurement and calibration, accurate to +/- 1ppm over the full range (typically +/- 0.25mK, at 0.01ºC).

Thanks to the elimination of thermal EMF errors, automatic cancellation of probe and cable reactance effects, the F650 thermometry bridge is ideally suited to national and accredited laboratories, in-house calibration departments, critical process companies and research organizations requiring high accuracy measurement of a ratio, resistance or temperature.

With a temperature range of -200ºC to +962ºC the F650 excels in the most demanding temperature measurement industries and helps meet ITS90, CVD and EN 60751 standards. The thermometry bridge operates at the lower frequency of 25Hz (50Hz supply) and provides resolution of 0.01mK with inherently low noise.

The F650 has 25Ω and 100Ω internal standard resistors and can also be used with external standard resistors. It has a ratio range of 0 to 4.9999999, or 0 to 500 ohms resistance, with measurement results presented on a large scale, multifunction VFD screen. The mean, max, min, std dev and n sample count can also be displayed with a separate graphical display.

“The F650 is a significant enhancement to ASL’s portfolio of precision thermometry bridges,” comments Peter Andrews, Technical Manager, ASL. “All our measurement equipment is based on AC bridge technology which remains the only option for industries requiring the highest accuracy precision temperature measurement and calibration.”

To ensure long term reliability the F650 uses surface mount technology with no mechanical relays.

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