Fluke Calibration 7526A Precision Process Calibrator

Introducing the 7526A—a “best fit” for your process calibration requirements

Fluke 7526A

The Fluke Calibration 7526A Precision Process Calibrator offers the best balance of economy and accuracy for benchtop calibration of temperature and pressure process instrumentation. Easily calibrate RTD and thermocouple readouts, pressure gauges, temperature transmitters, digital process simulators, data loggers, multimeters and more.

  • Sources and measures dc voltage, current, resistance, RTDs and thermocouples
  • Precision pressure measurement using Fluke 700 or 525A-P series pressure modules
  • Includes 24 V dc transmitter loop power supply
  • Measures 4-20 mA loop current
  • Includes automated switch-test function
  • Accepts ITS-90 coefficients for accurate SPRT measurements
  • Compatible with MET/CAL® Calibration Software

To learn more, visit: http://us.flukecal.com/products/process-calibration-tools/multifunction-calibrators/7526a-precision-process-calibrator.