Pneumatic Test Pump Generates 2000 PSI for Calibration Tasks

The new MECP2000 Pneumatic Test Pump from Martel Electronics Corporation allows users to generate up to 2,000 psi (140 bar) without using messy, contaminating fluids like hydraulic oil or water. This makes the pump a serious alternative to hydraulic pumps or Nitrogen cylinders where moderately high calibration pressures are needed.

A high leverage operating mechanism couples with a dual stage pump to make high pressures with relatively low effort. A low pressure, high volume piston pre-charges the high pressure piston with about 300 psi of air all in the course of one smooth stroke.

In addition to easily generating high test pressures, an effective vernier fine adjust allows the precise setting of the final pressure needed. A unique feature is the pump isolation valve, which separates the pump internals from the vernier chamber and the external test system providing an extended adjustment range and better control of the pressure when using the vernier.

The vernier assembly offers sufficient volume to produce up to 200” water column (500 mBar) pressure for low pressure calibrations. A convenient mode switch valve allows the pump to pull a vacuum of -14 psi (-0.9 bar), too. When it comes time to release the pressure, an easily controlled vent valve lets the user reduce the test pressure as needed to meet calibration procedure requirements. The pump is an all-in-one solution for many pressure calibration tasks.

With dual ¼” NPT female ports, the MECP2000 is ideal for pairing with one of Martel’s line of BetaGauge pressure calibrators or BetaGauge PI-PRO digital pressure gauges. Adapters for use with BSPP threads are also provided with the pump.

At a weight of 15 pounds (6.8 kg), the MECP2000 is intended for table top or bench top operation yet easily portable for field calibrations.

Among the intended applications for the MECP2000 pneumatic test pump are natural gas custody transfer flow meters, gauge comparator and other high pressure applications which are not suitable for hydraulic test pumps.

The Martel MECP2000 pneumatic test pump begins shipping in quantity in October, 2011.

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