Pushing the Boundaries of Traceable Measurement

by Mettler-Toledo

Calibrated microgram weights enable higher precision in nanotechnology applications

In recent years, National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) around the world have fielded increasingly frequent requests for a traceable weighing standard for weights in the sub-milligram range. New weight designs springing from combined public and private research, along with groundbreaking weight manufacturing and handling methods, have successfully provided the critical stability and reproducibility required to make calibration, transfer and storage of microgram weights feasible. These advances have led to the development of accredited calibration procedures and established critical weighing traceability in the sub-milligram measurement range. Now, weighing using calibrated standards in micro-force applications is a commercial reality — helping to enhance precision and ensure uniformity for small-force measurements in nanotechnology and biotechnology applications. >> Read Full Article (PDF)